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Rotraut Richter Exhibitions

We -Artistes

23.7.2010 - 29.8.2010

With the exhibition "we - artistes ", there is the group" we "of the woman kunstforum-owl eV before.
Galerie Remise, Kiskerstrasse 2, 33790 Halle (Westphalia)
Gallery opening times of Monday to Friday 08.00 -12.00 clock and 15.00 - 20.00 clock

The artists of the exhibition "We -Artistes" with the subject "woman" in conjunction with the annual theme of the female owl Kunstforum eV "high-wire acts apart. Basically, the artists go about their own experiences as a woman, in particular as an artist.
Rotraut judge makes in several works of digital art and graphics is their creation of works of art:
From Rotraut judges are the works: "In the act of creation: originating, 1, 2, 3" (No. 185.182, 183, 184)
Go to History of Creation:
I paint digital pictures. Camera and computer are my tools. With the computer I paint my Fanta (they animals) - sometimes in a fantastic environment. With the camera I believe firmly naturalistic motifs from everyday life (in this self-portrait). Both worlds come together in my digital images.

For the opening show and recite Almut Wessel and Viola Richter-Jürgens from his own texts, Gisa Märgen dances and Fank Berman will accompany the event on the piano.

Coach House Gallery, Hall: Tel: 0 52 01-18 31 64

"Im Schöpfungsakt 1/In an act of creation 1"