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Rotraut Richter Exhibitions

Fantastic everyday in the digital age

5.9.2010 - 14.9.2010

Solo Exhibition

Opening: Sunday, 05.09.2010 at 17:00 clock

Final Showing: Tuesday, 14/09/2010 at 17:00 clock

Space for art e.V.
Kamp 21 (near the cathedral)
D-33098 Paderborn

Opening times:
Closed Mondays,
Tuesday - Friday: 17.00 - 19.00 clock,
Saturday - Sunday: 15.00 - 18.0

Fantastic everyday in the digital age
Rotraut judge shows everyday and Fantastic in the digital age. Accordingly, they used modern means of production of images, by painting with computer digital images and photographs.

She continues with the fantastic deal in everyday life. Everyday life is everywhere - whether in your office, living room, traveling, walking in the forest, up to date on town at the art exhibition entitled "Miss-understanding" in the room for art in Paderborn, December 2009. Everyday life is for judges Rotraut populated with fantastic creatures - even with the cited art exhibition, but this could hardly be claimed at the time. In the current issue of Sunday, 05.09.2010 at can convince everyone that the Fanta (they are animals) present in the room were and still are - in fictional events depicted in the exhibition.
The fantastic creatures can be natural or entirely fictitious, such as aviation and ghosts, demons and mythical creatures.
According to the subject, the exhibition offers a cross section of Rotraut judge work in recent years.

This connects to the computer are painted using a computer with photos. The digital world is used here as a great testing ground.

"Himmelsstürmer /Sky Striker"