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Rotraut Richter Exhibitions

WIRrLichter ( "weird lights" )

13.1.2011 - 25.2.2011

Touring Exhibition:
With the exhibition "we-artistes" imagines the group "we" of women's art forum-owl eV in Berlin.
Media Gallery
Dudenstr. 10
10965 Berlin
- Place the Airlift / [H] 104
0. Monday and Friday 14-16 Clock
0. Tuesday 17-19 Clock
0. Thursday 14 -

Exhibition "weird lights" in the backdrop Brackweder
- a tribute to Hanns Dustmann
- Bielefeld -

Opening: Sunday, 09.01. 2011 at 11:00 clock
Exhibition of 09 01. to 06 02. 2011

"weird lights"is a group exhibition of the group "WE"of women's art forum OWL eV

The artists show installations, paintings and texts about light and shadow figures and interpret each of which the term "weird lights".

Rotraut judge creates with her interpretation of "random lights" deceptive vision, represented by a variety of silhouettes, which are printed on acrylic glass and transparencies. They are collaged into an extended multi - Windows - Installation around the room. The "high flyers" as Zugvögelschattenbilder are a metaphor for the desire of all artists.

The natural window view becomes part of the created image.

By highlighting the large windows determining construction installation stresses the peculiarity of the "glass box architecture " of the exhibition pavilions in 1962 by renowned architect Professor Hanns Dustmann in reinforced concrete - frame construction to realize the lighting in the building in
time of typical architectural language was built.

My single, painted pictures are produced in digital art. In the era of digital advances, this one painting with the computer-generated art, the computer holds something like the range of modern times.

"Im Schöpfungsakt 1/In an act of creation 1"