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Rotraut Richter Exhibitions


9.1.2011 - 6.2.2011

Brackweder Kullisse Germanenstrasse 22 33647 Bielefeld-Brackwede Opening: Sunday, 09. 01. 2011 um 11.00 Uhr

"WIRrLichter" is a group exhibition of the group "WE" of women's art forum OWL The artists installations, paintings and texts show about light and shadow figures and interpret each of which the term "WIRrLicher". Rotraut Richter creates with her interpretation of "random lights" deceptive vision, represented by a variety of silhouettes, which are printed on acrylic glass and transparencies. They are collaged into an extended multi - Windows - installation. The "high flyers" as birds-shadow figures are a metaphor for the desire of all artists. The natural window view becomes part of the created image. From the exterior and the interior view of uses and emphasizes the installation, the owners of the "glass box architecture" of the exhibition pavilions in 1962 by architect Professor Hanns Dustmann in reinforced concrete - was frame construction for implementing the transparency of the building constructed in authentic design. My single, painted pictures are produced in digital art.

"Vögel im Brackweder Pavillon"